Mayo Clinic Portal Account Registration 

Mayo Clinic Patient Portal is a specifically designed portal that patients can use to access multiple details related to their medical and healthcare. Today, many patients use this portal to access medical data, communicate with healthcare professionals, make appointments, and handle many other functions. It acts as a central portal that provides all healthcare-related details via secure login access. 

By accessing the Mayo Clinic Patient Portal, a patient can easily make an appointment at Mayo Clinic, check test results, update prescription details, update their medical profile, access historical data, and do much more. The patients can access this portal 24/7 from anywhere, which makes it easy and convenient. 

Today, I will explain the Mayo Clinic Registration process and how to make an appointment at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic Patient Portal Account Registration for First-time Users

Creating your Mayo Clinic Patient Portal account is easy and short. You will need to keep basic details with you so that you can complete the registration process quickly.

mayo clinic patient portal account registration
  • To Open the official Mayo Clinic Patient Portal Page click  
  • On the page, we have two options “Log In” and “Create Account“. Click on “Create Account” to open registration page
  • First, enter the 7 to 9-digit Mayo Clinic Number assigned before your visit. 
  • Now, provide the “Activation Code” on your screen. If you don’t have any activation code, you can keep entering the details as it is optional.
  • After that, enter your email address and re-type it for confirmation. 
  • Next, enter your first name, middle name and last name as per the legal IDs. 
  • In the next field, you have to choose your birth date according to the month, day and year details.
  • After entering All the above details, please re-check them and confirm if they are correct. 
  • Before continuing, you must resolve a captcha image puzzle to verify your humanity. 
  • Finally, you can click on the continue button. 
  • If there are any further instructions, please follow them on the screen. 

Note:  While creating your account, please check your internet and enter the authentic details so the company can verify.

How to Make an Appointment at Mayo Clinic? 

After creating your account, you need to learn how to use different functions. Many patients find it challenging to make their first appointment using their online accounts. Please refer to the below steps to understand how to make an appointment easily.

  • Visit Mayo Clinic portal for patients, using following url
  • After you open the page, you can find the login option to access your account. 
  • Remember, logging into your account is optional the first time you open the website.
  • Now, Go to the appointment section first and click the “Request Appointment” option.
  • This option will take you to a different page called “Start your appointment request here.”
  • On this page, you will have three options; new patients, returning patients and referring physicians
  • Please choose the option which is the most applicable.
  • If you click on the “New Patient” option, you will have to choose whether you are from inside the US or outside.
  • If you choose the “Returning Patient” option, you can choose whether you have seen the Mayo Clinic provider.
  • After which, the correct options open every time on your screen.
  • You may have to provide details about your friends and family members. Please provide authentic details and follow the instructions.
  • If you want to make an appointment via phone number, then you have to dial +1-507-538-3270
  • The phone number will be available from 7 AM to 6 PM and, in some locations, 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Please check the time the Central Appointment Office follows, such as Mountain Time, Central Time, or Eastern Time.


I hope the information I provided in this short article has guided you in creating your Mayo Clinic Patient Portal account and making appointments at Mayo Clinic. Please comment below if you want any further help related to the subject.

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